The Abbot – Out Now!!!


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September 27th, 2011

The Abbot

Mr Marc; Finding himself orphaned at an early age when his parents were killed in a car crash, was educated at the Freemasons boarding school in Dublin. Unwanted by his uncle and only surviving relative he was adopted by a Presbyterian minister and his wife. University in England followed and a career in the Royal Navy with a brief posting with Naval Intelligence completed his conventional employment. At a cocktail party one evening he was approached by a senior officer and subsequently recruited into the security services. Trained by an ex SAS field operative he shone in the world of survival, controlled aggression and blending in and covert operations. The security services selected him for their Deniable Operations Project and he became part of CTO.(counter terrorist operations). His local accent and knowledge of Ireland and Northern Ireland made him the best choice for CTO’s safe house in Ballyclare, County Antrim. It is from here that all operations in Ireland are directed, executed and commanded. All visiting security services on operations liaise with the CTO through the Ballyclare house.

Mr Jay; A London born lad who joined the army as a boy soldier, going into the Royal Artillery before completing SAS selection and being ‘badged’ a year later. Several deployments followed in Africa and South America where he saw his first action. Three years later he was seconded to the US Navy Seals and again saw action in the drug wars in Columbia and Mexico. Skilled at covert operations and CTR (Close target reconnaissance) he is a skilled sniper and weapons expert. Jay keeps himself in top physical condition and is Marcs housmate in CTO Northern Ireland.

The Abbot; Sean Donovan. Born in a hard line Loyalist area of Belfast, expelled from school, he finds himself as a boy soldier in the Royal Engineers. Completing the tough ‘P’ company training he finds the army too tame and so leaves and becomes a mercenary. Service in Africa follows and he kills his first man there. He takes a security contract and serves in the Middle East but he undertakes the most dangerous jobs. His employers become nervous and eventually let him go. Returning to Belfast he soon puts his skills to use for the Loyalist and Republican terrorist groups. With the onset of a permanent ceasefire his skills are soon sought by European and Chinese Mafia groups now operating within Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.