The Abbot – Out Now!!!


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September 27th, 2011

The Abbot

 Sean Donovan, aka The Abbot, is a hard man who is ex British Army, ex mercenary and general killing machine.    He has been tasked to recover an aluminium case and return it to his paymasters. A fast action tale follows with gun fights galore, twists, turns and double crosses. It’s a true ‘boy’s own’ type of action book. I have introduced some new characters, Mr. Jay and Mr. Marc, who work for CTO or Counter terrorist Operations, a ficticious group within MI5/MI6 and the intelligence community. They live in a safe house in the sleepy town of Ballyclare and run covert operations from there. In recent years MI5 have moved a lot of their staff away from London in case of a terrorist atrocity. I thought that they might just move to Ballyclare, why not? The CTO specialise in black operations.

All the action is set against the backdrop of a post peace process Northern Ireland. I figured that no one would be interested in the old conflicts within our homeland, so I invented a new conflict. An on going, world conflict in which our country plays its part. Far fetched, yes. Possible….well the jurys still out on that one!

The Lions Mouth

 Very few police officers worldwide survive thirty plus years of policing without some scars. Many are physical as a result often of front line policing,some, however are mental scars. I have always been amazed at the strength of the human spirit and how it tries to rise to the surface and shine through. I have chosen a few police type stories, all fictitious, and tried to display this spirit.

The lions Mouth, will be instantly understood by any police officer who has ever stood behind a riot shield or ever had to fight for their lives.

The remaining stories are just that…..stories. I have let my imagination run wild and tried to intrigue the reader, provoke thought and entertain. I have become the teller of tales and I hope that the readers enjoy them.

When I selected the sixteen stories for this book I had a real problem picking the ones I felt were suitable. I have tried to show the human spirit in all it’s forms. The futility of violence and the waste caused by killing and indifference. I have always found the human condition, as I call it, trys to shine through.