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The Abbot

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December 5th, 2011

The Abbot

Sean Donovan, aka The Abbot, is a hard man who is ex British Army, ex mercenary and general killing machine. He has been tasked to recover an aluminium case and return it to his paymasters. A fast action tale follows with gun fights galore, twists, turns and double crosses. It's a true 'boy's own' type of action book. I have introduced some new characters, Mr. Jay and Mr. Marc, who work for CTO or Counter terrorist Operations, a ficticious group within MI5/MI6 and the intelligence community. They live in a safe house in the sleepy town of Ballyclare and run covert operations from there. In recent years MI5 have moved a lot of their staff away from London in case of a terrorist atrocity. I thought that they might just move to Ballyclare, why not? The CTO specialise in black operations.

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